Doritos and Dye Crash the Super Bowl

Allan Dye, who won the MyToons contest back in September, is going for the gold again. Doritos has launched their Crash the Super Bowl contest, which encourages filmmakers to submit a 30-second spot that could end up airing during Superbowl XLIII in February 2009. Dye’s submission is titled Spicy Nacho vs. Giant Robot, and if you click the “play” button below you can watch it. If you like it, go leave a comment.


  1. Wow. Nice work, Allan!

  2. J.T. Wilson November 13, 2008

    Is anyone else besides me sick of this angular retro look already? Nice submission otherwise.

  3. Hey thanks for the publicity Aaron! So far only 4 flash spots are in the submissions which i find surprising, but who knows if the judges are even open to animation. Sorry, J.T. I actually wasn’t trying to be retro Whipping up a short piece in a couple days causes you to simplify so I guess that’s what happens :)

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