Flash Animated Peanuts Shorts Hit iTunes

iTunes. This first batch is based on comics from Charles Shultz’ 1964 strips.

For a limited time, two of the 3 to 4 minute shorts are available for free. After this promotion, you can buy two of the shorts for 99 cents, or a whole season for $7.99. Studio B Productions animated the project, which was overseen by the Schulz family and estate.


[iTunes link]


  1. Garbage! Look at the diffrence in the size of the eyeballs in the pic. Just draw one good eyeball and duplicate it. The voices are pretty good though.

  2. The difference in eyeball size is due to forshortening. Charlies screen left eyeball is closer to camera than his screen right eyeball. Also, the sun is to their left so the eyeballs on the left side of the characters faces are slightly dialated and possibly squinting. Seriously though is anyone else having trouble with the link? It’s not working for me, is the video not available for download outside the US?

  3. It’s good that Bill Melendez isn’t alive to see that nightmare of animation.

  4. Are you guys kidding? It’s no “Ponyo on a Cliff”, but it looks and feels like the original strip, and I think that’s what they were going for.

    Wow. Nitpicking the eyeballs in a Peanuts cartoon. Unbelievable.

  5. i can’t see anything wrong with the animation, and i think its true to the original peanuts style, sadly so is the jokes =), but the animation was good =)

  6. Nice work! Looks pretty darn close to the hand drawn specials I grew up with. Congrats Studio B!

  7. Ya feels like the originals…which wasn’t the sistine chapel but great fun…

  8. If anything it’s too good. I remember the original Peanuts animation looking really bad with random frames popping off. I didn’t notice that stuff when I was a kid, in fact all of those little mistakes added to the charm (like a pupil being too big). I wasn’t able to download the short but I really like that 17 second clip. Flash was utilized well, I didn’t find the animation to be overly bouncy, just nice and simple. Good on ya B-rad and crew.

  9. Arrgghhhhh! Vectory.

    We did some Peanuts stuff for Metlife and were told by the client to clean it up too much so that part of it was probably not Plan B’s fault. I with they would have taken the edge off with a filter or something. Still, nice job. It’s cozy to watch these characters again and Linus’ voice is great.

  10. Studio B not Plan B…eeesh.

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