Madonna Tour’s Flash Animated Backdrop

As Madonna sings her 1985 hit Into the Groove during her Sticky & Sweet Tour, 5-story screens behind her splash Flash animated sequences of the late Keith Haring’s iconic art. As detailed in a recent article in the North Carolina newspaper the Mountain Xpress, local artist Christopher Oakley was called upon to make Haring’s work come to life using Flash. Oakley had only recently begun working with Flash, but his career covered years of professional CGI animation and he even directed the stop-motion work on the Penny cartoons on Pee-wee’s Playhouse. Have a look at the results of Oakley’s work:


Also, here’s some fan footage of Oakley’s animation in use at a concert:

Haring had actually envisioned his work in motion, and had produced a number of flipbooks before his death. Four of these works have been brought to life on the The Keith Haring Foundation website, animated in Flash.


  1. The animations almost as annoying as Madonnas music.

  2. Scott Lowe animated some of those Keith Haring clips! Yay Scotty!

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