Mukpuddy Trys Out Bi-Polar Bear

Mukpuddy has revealed a new project – Terry the Bi, Bi-Polar, Polar Bear. This 30-second sample unveils this conflicted character and his confused friends. Happy Thanksgiving to our readers in the USA!

Can anyone recall the other bi-polar polar bear we’ve written about here? I’ll give you a hint – he’s voiced by Billy West.


  1. Awesome Mukpuddy!

    Aaron, Im guessing its the bi-polar bear from Queerduck?

  2. Hey thanks for posting the skit Aaron!!

  3. So funny! I want to see more already.

  4. Author

    One point to Stephen Levinson.

  5. Is that character based on someone? There are a lot of people like that in art school.

  6. The Muks do it again! Funny stuff.

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