Skunk Fu Theme By Wu Tang’s Ghostface

Skunk Fu!, which airs in the US on Cartoon Network, has also aired on KidsWB! and CW4Kids. The series was created by Aidan Harte and Hyun Ho Khang, who were probably pinching themselves when they landed Ghostface Killah, member of the Wu-Tang Clan, to sing the title track. The series was animated at Ireland’s Cartoon Saloon, and here’s the Flash-animated 2:30 minute full-length title sequence.


  1. A great track and the piece is nicely put together. Yeah so I’m done with the whole kung fu animals thing but, the design of the skunk himself aside, I really like some of the visuals here, especially those ninja monkeys.

    I’d be very envious of getting to work with Ghostface and he’s an inspired choice in many ways. He’d be on my ‘to-work-with’ list, just below William Shatner and Bruce Campbell.

    I have to wonder though… from what I’ve seen of Skunk Fu, it skews a little young. If it were me, I’d be nervous of tying someone like Ghostface Killah to a show for young children. Much of his content is hardly appropriate for that age group and I would have thought there was a chance that could come back to bite them in the ass.

    Still, there’s good stuff here. The show has recently been nominated for a BAFTA in the UK too, which is no small thing.

  2. Amazing – very cool style.

  3. Ghost? On this? Awesome. I really thought it wasn’t when I heard it on TV, but that’s great. Sort of like RZA doing Afro Samurai on a fractional scale. Still wicked though. Ghost is a great emcee and all his work is stellar, and he is a great role model for kids, despite other’s opinions.

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