The Making of Katt Williams’ Tiger

Last month, we featured an animated comedy routine from Katt Williams, which was animated by Puny Entertainment. We now return with an exclusive clip – the animatic (NSFW – strong language).



  1. love to see the raw sketches as much as the finished product

  2. Is this seriously suppose to be funny?

    Isn’t anyone else tired of this kind of mindless “comedy”??? I was very offended by this and actually surprised a great site like CHF would even post this….and I have worked on a few shows that used similar comedy that I didn’t necessarily agree with but this is ridiculous!

  3. Robojones November 10, 2008

    Pretty funny, but not the usual censorship tact for this post.
    For better stand-up animations, I LOVE these ones.
    In my opinon, waay better, and a bit more tactful for a popular site.

    (click on cartoons and choose one)

  4. Eric Brown November 11, 2008

    OUCH!! I agree. Not only is this a direct rip-off(in stlye as well as content) of the vulgar show I created for Comedy Central,shorties watchin shorties, it’s way more vulgarer and not funny. In fact we did a bit by Bobcat Glodthwait about people jumping into the zoo polar bear pit and getting eaten. All the same jokes – no “N” word. I hope for puny’s sake that Viacom’s nasty lawyers don’t see this.
    Yes – go to Augenblick’s site or Comedy Central’s site-
    or Atom films site-

  5. Wow. I loved it. He always makes me laugh out loud. But if this site isn’t like that, then no problem, I’ll just go find the rest of his stuff somewhere else. :)

  6. I wouldn’t call it a direct rip off in style. Structure, sure. Format Yes.

    So are people offended by the language?

    It’s only a cartoon.

  7. HA HA..these comments are funny.

    This bit isn’t funny for the same reason Shorties Watchin’ Shorties isn’t funny.

    Doing animation over stand up comedy short-changes both. It makes for see ‘n say undirected animation, with distracting crowd noises and sounds that your ears know are in a room despite whatever the animator draws and it ruins stand-up by replacing your imagination with less-fun specific images.

    Dr. Katz, that much longer lasting Comedy Central show, (that everyone including SWS has been trying to crack for years) and Arj and Poopy, had the good sense to re-contextualize the stand-up routines and bring some humanity back to it. All of these shows, and this Kat Williams piece were done this way for one’s quick and cheap.

    This is an ad for a stand-up comedy DVD. If you want to make a good short or tv show, for god sake don’t use this method.

  8. Fonce Falooda November 11, 2008

    This is what happens. Something innovative gets made, in this case Dr Katz, then people run with that concept, reincarnating it in different forms. I don’t think anyone’s gonna get sued.

    There’s a series out of England called “No Heroics” that’s essentially the “Tick” Live Action show without the Tick, but what are you gonna do when a series goes under but the concept is good?

    They canceled “Shorties”, and now the Katz technique got dusted off by Puny. I’m not sure anyone can lay claim to it, except perhaps Soup2Nuts, who have one HELL of a case, should they ever choose to litigate. ;)

  9. Robojones November 12, 2008

    I dunno.
    I hate Dr Katz. I found it boring as hell. If it wasn’t for that boiling line, nothing would even be moving.

    These shorts look like they’d be fun to put together. Yeah it takes out some of the viewers imagination out of the stand up, but I wouldn’t say they actually ruin the comedians stand up. (Not all of them at least)If anything, it seems like it pays a bit of homage to them. Plus, it’s not like they could make any money off of them. Seems like they’d be used more for an animation exercise or a demo reel clip. So what’s the harm.

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