Wood and Wonky Perpetuate Suburban Myths

Wonky Films and Joe Wood recently delivered a new series of 4 shorts to 4mations.tv. The team was selected by Channel 4 to produce the mini-series, titled Suburban Myths, which illustrate tall tales that are so unbelieveable they might be true. Wood directed and animated, while Chris Dickason created the character design. The team used Flash, Illustrator and After Effects to bring the project to life. Here’s Car Jack, the third episode.


  1. typical – i’m all excited that i’m on Cold Hard Flash and the 4mations website goes down for 3 days. cheers anyway!

  2. Fantastic Joe Wood!

  3. If anyone is looking this far back and fancies watching Suburban Myths – unfortunately 4mations has gone! but here they are on their youtube site –




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