2008 Animated Holiday Card Bonanza!

Over at Lineboil.com, we already kicked off the holiday season with the Top 10 Christmas Animations, so it’s time we get our act together here at CHF. We present to you the first big batch of Flash-animated holiday fun. If you haven’t submitted yours yet – get crackin!

First, the Happy Tree Friends remind us that no celebration is safe when Lumpy the moose in the kitchen. This episode is titled Kitchen Kringle.

Trevor Van Meter (Crappy Cat) created this “monstrous” Seasonal Short along with 4realdough.

Joe Cartoon redefines “Ho ho ho” in his holiday short titled Santa Hoe!

The Brothers McLeod unveiled this short holiday music video for NellerDavies.com.

Joe Corrao shares his holiday with the Lil’ Ratskulz over at his 4eyedaniamtion.com site. You can also see his teaser for that project here.

And Plexipixel created a game based on their 2007 Flash animated holiday card. It’s caled Twilight Pixie Glide.


Mark Gervais (Hallowindow), passed me this link for an interactive holiday treat.


  1. I like Trevor Van Meter’s monkey :)
    Check di out this funny cartoon animation with elephant

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