Bogaty Animates Other Side for Liquid Now

Anton Bogaty, with what seems like a dozen music videos under his belt, has just posted his latest creation for a band called The Liquid Now. The video is for the track titled See You On the Other Side.


  1. pixiebrush December 21, 2008

    Love the style! A beautiful animation.

  2. nice…the style fits the music

  3. The visual style, the camera shots, the compositions, and the editing were so beautifully done that their appeal kept me interested throughout the whole video. The visual style is also one that goes great with Flash without looking like a copy of most commercial Flash animation out there. The piece didn’t have much animation (frame-by-frame), but it wasn’t necessary. The little animation that was there was just enough to make everything fall into place, and it goes great with the music.

    This is one video one can watch again and again.

  4. Cute designs that told a narrative without the music; good stuff. Looks good even with the sound off.

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