Jimmy Two Shoes Laces Up For 2009

Produced by Breakthrough Animation, Jetix Europe and TELETOON, Jimmy Two Shoes was all the buzz at this Fall’s MIPCOM Junior event, booking the most screenings of any other series. The project, which was created by Edward Kay and Sean Scott (Doodlez), puts Jimmy in Miseryville, the most miserable place on Earth. Jimmy then annoys the hell out of everyone with his torrent of optimism. In early 2009, the series will begin on TELETOON and Jetix Europe. I also noticed that Mercury Filmworks is on the team.

Thanks to Ron Doucet for the story tip.


  1. Everything about that is amazing, and top notch animation! I love it!

  2. This is going to be such a fun series. I hope that it does well in the States too, when it airs.

  3. Nice designs and animation!

  4. This looks pretty cool.
    Better than Total Drama Island.

  5. =) thats really nice, the character design really remined me of dexters lab, hope it makes it onto cartoon network, looks so much better than most of the crap on there today. goodluck to you matey =)

  6. Nice designs and animation!….but i have a question.. what software did the animation make of ???

  7. omar adel January 9, 2009

    Nice designs and animation!…..I like this style very much “THE LIMITED ANIMATION” and i would like to know if i can take courses in this type of animation ..can you please hep me ?

  8. anonymous February 5, 2009

    @3omario: we use ToonBoom’s Harmony. The actual animation of vectorized & coloured parts that make up characters is done in Stage, along with 90% of the FX and compositing (after effects does the other 10%).

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