Krause Twosome Make The Upstate Four

The Upstate Four is an 11-minute Flash-animated pilot that was co-created by brothers Fran and Will Krause. It boasts a refreshing look, a high-drawing count and a big award – namely the Best Animation for Children honor at this year’s Ottawa International Animation Festival. Fran, a graduate of RISD, directed, animated and co-wrote it along with brother Will. The production turned to Bunko Studios for animation, where Sean McBride, Chris Seimasko, Jessica Plummer, Frank Suarez, Lizzi Akana, Kristen Chaippone, David Concepcion, Otis Braboy, Naree Song, Sarah Ramert and Adrienne Smith joined the animation effort. Have a watch:




  1. That was awesome.. one of the most entertaining pieces of animation i’ve seen in a long time.

  2. this is aweosme! i was so excited when it was getting made and even more when i saw it done! these guys always put out such amazing work, i don’t know how they do it! i need some of that focus!

  3. That was great! Reminds me of back in the day, saturday morning cartoons…. (my generations consisted of Kablam and Oh Yeah! Cartoons)

  4. That was really awesome, I hope this gets picked up to restore my faith in Cartoon Network.

  5. These are amazing. Proof that Flash animation doesn’t have to look stiff and tweeny.

  6. Paulo Muppet December 22, 2008

    Really great animation! They’ve surely put a lot of work into these, congratulations to the very talented team, specially for having the courage to put a lot of “full animation” to good use!

  7. It’s like the Get Along Gang, except, all hip n’ shit. I likes! Plus, I notice the cameo of the bear from Utica Cartoon! I knows the interwebs!

    Alright, goofy shit aside, it’s nicely timed, lushly animated and well written. Fer Xenu’s sake, sumbody produce this.

  8. WOW…very refreshing to see folks actually having fun with animation. So much energy and expression in the drawings…congrats to all those involved!

  9. Thanks for posting this, CHF!

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