Phillips Drinks in the Holiday Season

Adam Phillips, the tireless artist behind the Brackenwood series, has released his 2008 Christmas card. He produced this short in 2 days using Flash CS4. We have it on good authority that no Santas were harmed in the filming of this production.

You can also see the short in vector format over on Adam’s site.


  1. This is great- nice work.

  2. Robojones December 15, 2008

    Strange voice over choice.
    But love it anyways.

  3. Nice animation.

  4. That was funny. Santa’s drunk laugh made me laugh.

    Also Aaron, I love when you post the links to the vector version!

  5. …and night scenes aren’t the easiest to capture but Adam did an excellent job.

  6. …sorry for the 3rd post… but I watched it again and I wanted to add that you should pay attention to the tree lights blinking at the end. First, I love when the ornaments roll on the ground, but the lights’ reflection on the tree and other ornaments is so cool!

  7. That’s messed up

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