Ralph and Bichael Get Half Baked on Atom TV

Kyle Carrozza watched his web short become a TV short this summer on Comedy Central’s Atom TV, a 2am block that airs Monday nights. Ralph and Bichael in Ralphy Panda and the Half Baked Ditz was submitted to Atom.com via their Upload Showdown competition, and the 1:30 minute film was off to the network. Here’s the fast-paced adventures of two red pandas:


  1. Hehe, I like the crazy animation style. I always enjoy that kind of animating.

  2. haha very nice, should submit this to newgrounds, sure it will do well, character animation was pretty nice, but din’t really like the backgrounds, looked like they where still in their ruffest form rather than a stylized thought out version but yeah very nice and goodluck =)

  3. pretty much everything this guy has made is wonderful

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