Toot & Puddle are Preschool Pig Pals

Last month, the preschool channel Noggin began airing Toot & Puddle. The half-hour series, which is based on the illustrated book series by Holly Hobbie, is being directed by Christian Larocque at Mercury Filmworks. The show about two pig pals is also airing on Treehouse TV in Canada. The team is using Toon Boom Harmony to bring the show to life.


  1. Great backgrounds!

  2. Great looking show. Hats off to Mercury.

  3. wow. that looks great!

  4. As with most hi-quality preschool animation, I’m both incredibly impressed and slightly nauseated. Lovely work! But, seriously, Holly Hobby must be stopped. At all costs.

  5. Good looking show , but does this really fall under the category of Flash or paperless animation ?

    Looks to me like a traditional hand-drawn animated show , inked & painted in ToonBoom Harmony.

    Is it paperless ?

  6. A friend of mine worked on this show. I’ts all done in harmony/flash style NOT inked & painted.

  7. Sebastien December 18, 2008

    This is completly done in Toon Boom Harmony using a mix of Cut out puppet technique with some tradigital drawings.

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