Walk on the Wild Side With Nacho

wacky walk cycle from Nacho Rodriguez yesterday, and he’s already got another one up on his site. The Flash-animation is interactive this time – you click the buttons at the bottom to change the walk rythm. I am now going to the coffee shop, and will attempt to walk this way. Wish me luck.



  1. man I am folding up the tent! The Nachster has taken it too a new level…maybe I can get a gov bailout to stay afloat…

  2. this stuff is killing it…
    amazing work

  3. Walk cycles in 7/8 time?


  4. Awesome stuff. Hope there’s more to come.

  5. That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen, sooooo good.

  6. Crazy good, I love the animation of the dude transitioning into the cycle.

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