You and Obama Can Create Climate Cure

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is calling on you to join Barack Obama in his fight to cure our climate woes. This Flash-animated short illustrates their point quite well. For more information, head over to the LCV website.

Who animated this? The short was mainly produced by Devin Roth and his Scatterbrain team, with some help from Nick Butera.


  1. Do I have to schedule an appointment for President Obama to put up my solar panels?
    While He’s on my roof, could He throw down my frisbee?

  2. “Who animated this?”

    Nick Butera

    Devin Roth?

  3. I am all for sustainable energy, but this cartoon reminds too much of the early Soviet propaganda. I thought the world would get wiser and more mature to motivate people by other means than just kicking some fat capitalist ass. Couldn’t all those calls for action be treated somehow more creatively than just the same regular-guy/superhero kick and punch the ugly bad guys kind of sentiment?

  4. Truly the credit goes to Devin Roth and the guys at Scatterbrain Inc. I animated just a few of the scenes in the film.

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