How To Make An Undead Cyclops Boss

Castle Crashers, a side-scroller developed by The Behemoth, launched last August to positive reviews, but today Dan Paladin uploaded a 19-minute “making-of” screen capture of his design and animation process. In this sped-up video, we watch Paladin create the various poses and animation cycles for the Undead Cyclops Boss – all created in Flash.

And here’s what it looks like during game-play.

[media id=141 width=425 height=339]


  1. Phistandantilus February 2, 2009

    that was terribly interesting, but I’d like to see more of what tools he’s using. I’m in a flash class in school now, thats why this is so interesting…

    plus the tunes are good. what are the 3 songs that play in that video?! I wanna find ‘em on iTunes…

  2. Phistandantilus February 2, 2009

    aha! nevermind, it’s posted on the Castle Crashers website!

    man… makes me wish I had an xbox. I’d buy that game.

  3. He’s definitely using a cintiq to draw with. Other then that, he’s using the basic flash tools for animation. His designs are great. I love playing this game.

  4. He doesn’t use a cintiq, he uses an Intuos, but maybe you just meant he’s using a tablet. That vid may be sped up, but Dan’s incredibly fast regardless!

  5. The first song is called ‘Kids’ by MGMT.

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