Kid vs Kat Debuts in Canada

A new Flash-animated TV series is ready to claw its way into your house. Kid vs Kat is a new comedy series aimed at children ages 6-11 “about the exaggerated conflict between a demonically malevolent cat and the beleaguered ten-year-old boy to whom it has taken a demented dislike.” The show, which is produced by Studio B Productions along with with YTV Canada and Jetix Europe, is rolling out around the world – including Canada (YTV), Europe (Jetix), South East Asia (Nick) and Australia (ABC). Rob Boutilier created the show. Here’s the title sequence:


Spotted at Ron Doucet’s website.


  1. Pretty sweet Flash stuff…nice design.

  2. Been watching this on ABC (AUS) and it’s pretty cool stuff!

  3. wow, some really nice animation happening here!
    nice, fast-paced fun!

    very interested in seeing some eps now… gotta get on that!

  4. Another Canada co-pro that I would love to see Stateside. The level of movement is extraordinary and the music is wonderful. Great title sequence.

  5. Initially, I thought the designs were just ok.
    But the animation more than makes up for it.

    Great work @ Studio B

  6. Great animation!

  7. That’s pretty slick looking.
    I’d like to see this in the US.

  8. I think I just saw a commercial for it to be airing on Disney XD this Feb.

  9. i like kid vs kat and i have fun to play kid vs kat i like them

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