Obama Dog Decision Airs On Disney Channel

Today’s Inaugural ceremony in Washington D.C. was surely the main event of President Obama’s ascent to power, but yesterday kids got their own celebration on Disney Channel. Kids’ Inaugural: We Are the Future was a 1:30 hour event that featured several live performances, but viewers were also treated to some animated comedy, produced by the Presidential Inaugural Committee. The America’s Next White House Dog shorts aired before and after commercial breaks, spoofing FOX’s hit series American Idol. Hollywood-based animation studio Six Point Harness created the four shorts, which are all assembled end-to-end in this clip below.


  1. could have definately upped the funny there… not much depth… nice enough animations though

  2. i think that the judges were definately being thereselves as on american idol could of been a better pres like john but that was funny just i dont like o b a m a

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