Shepherd Kicks It With Tenacious D

Canadian animator Matt Shepherd has gone to great lengths to prove that he is a bigger fan of JB, KG and Tenacious D than any of us. Ron Doucet has brought to my attention Shepherd’s latest Flash-animated short, titled Kick It, which unofficially borrows audio from the very first Tenacious D episode, The Search for Inspirado, and brings new life to 10-year old material. To see some stills from the 2-minute project, head over to Shepherd’s blog. [NSFW - strong language]

If you like that, don’t miss his homage to Ron Burgundy.


  1. fantastic

  2. Solid animation! Great expressions

  3. that was rad! good on ya.

  4. wow! great use of redrawn mouths to really fit the emotions in the audio. Fantastic poses and expressions.

  5. Great animation, being a Flash user and a D fan its an impressive execution. Great Job!

  6. Thanks everyone! Yea, I plan on animating a few more of the skits, I had a lot of fun with it, so I figure why not. I’m going to post online which skits they are soon.

    Cheers! Thanks for watching!

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