Tek Jansen Blasts in 2009

Stephen Colbert’s Flash-animated series Tek Jansen has kicked off the new year with a freshly baked episode. Beginning’s First Dawn: Episode Three, premiered on The Colbert Report on January 5th, and it was produced by Flickerlab. [video is apparently only viewable in the US]


  1. Robojones January 14, 2009

    Video won’t play in canada.

    Hate it when the pull that crap.

  2. freakyrobotslame January 14, 2009

    Yeah, I know. It’s the licensing bs, not to mention that the communist CRTC has a chokehold on what WE OURSELVES decide is entertainment. I also find it funny that a website will post a video free for all to see, but yet only for citizens of the same country. They’re not losing any money. Normally licensing revolves around money or profits. I see no harm in the least for a Canadian to watch a cartoon on a US website. It’s very strange.

    Tek Janson is on the crappy Canadian version of Comedy Central: http://www.comedynetwork.ca. Not very good navigation to find it, but it’s there.

    If you want to watch the above video here or on comedycentral.com, you can circumvent the restrictions by installing hotspot shield. It’s a program that will assign you a US ip address. The connection can be sometimes slow, but from where I am, it is only 50 to 100 kbps slower. I usually watch adultswim with it.

  3. Its great, Animation is excellent.


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