The Secret is Out On Kells Feature

Cartoon Saloon, the Irish animation team behind Skunk Fu!, are finally seeing their animated feature to the screen. The Secret of Kells, co-directed by Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey, will hit Irish cinemas on March 6th (distribution by Buena Vista International), and while most of the film is traditionally animated (long live the 2D feature!), there are a number of Flash-animated shots in the film. You can see some stills from a Flash sequence or at Alessandra Sorrentino’s blog. Here’s the latest trailer:


  1. robert watts January 28, 2009


    that looks fantastic!!!

    i cant wait to see it…

    i hope that it gets distributed in canada…

    great work…

  2. Finally an english-language trailer for this film… It’s an okay trailer, but Secret of Kells should be a pretty nifty film all things said.

  3. Charles K. January 28, 2009

    I thought the French trailer was better myself, although the film does look fantastic. I still hope it gets some sort of release here in the US, even if it’s only at a festival.

  4. You gotta see it up close to appreciate it says an island monkey I bumped elbows with.

  5. Oh, so pretty. I love that this was funded and produced. *sigh*

  6. This is going to be wonderful… it is wonderful… everyone go and get a ticket/ pester your local theatre to put it on. brilliant stuff

    I think the other trailer is better than this one… either way this film is gonna be tip top

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