Amanita Building Machinarium

Amanita Design redefined the casual Flash game experience in 2004 with Samorost, a higly-entertaining click-thru game with a unique production design built from natural elements. Jakub Dvorsky, the main creative force at Amanita (who we intereviewed in 2005), is now prepping his latest release, a full-scale adventure game titled Machinarium. The game is scheduled for release in the second half of 2009. Here’s a preview of what we can expect:


  1. I don’t play many games anymore, but the production design and art on this one is gorgeous.

  2. wow you can definitely see Prague’s architecture as an influence in these backgrounds (this is a Czech studio) . Very Nice!

  3. I love the Samorost games. There is so much attention to atmosphere and immersion, and there is nothing else like it.

  4. Beauty. I also really dig the soundtrack. I tried playing samorost2 and quickly discovered I did not possess the intelligence to solve the puzzles. But I definitely enjoyed the visuals and the world class sound design.

  5. That was fantastic, really enjoyed the game, really liked the design =) kept me occupied for a fair while. great job, hope the past 3/4 years have only brought more great projects =)

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