Disney XD Premieres Kid vs. Kat and Jimmy Two Shoes

If you hadn’t already noticed, Disney’s Jetix network has relaunched as Disney XD. New series have been added to the slate including a couple digital 2D projects – Kid vs. Kat (created by Rob Boutilier) and Jimmy Two Shoes (created by Edward Kay and Sean Scott). Kid vs. Kat is produced in Flash, while Jimmy Two Shoes is brought to life using Toon Boom Harmony. Jimmy Two Shoes is being produced by Breakthrough Animation and TELETOON, with help from Mercury Filmworks. Here’s title sequence:

Kid vs. Kat is from Studio B Productions and YTV Canada. Here’s the title sequence, which we showed here before:


Thanks to Ron Doucet for the tip.


  1. Jimmy Two Shoes definitely sets the new standard for high quality flash animation!

  2. Both make me mighty glad I own a television. I’ve been looking forward to kid vs.kat and jimmy two shoes looks to be a nice bonus.

  3. Another character named Jimmy? The style is quite similar to Fairly Odd Parents as well and I didn’t get any sense of the characters or situation from that trailer.

    Kid vs. Kat looks like a pretty narrow premise.

  4. Two good Canadian co-productions that deserve more exposure stateside than just extended cable programming. I wish the Big Three in the U.S. would put a little more effort into searching out international productions that aren’t as gimmicky as the fare they invest in now… I love much of what both Studio B and Breakthrough Animation do for local markets, and think they deserve more exposure as a result.

  5. Very cool work on both of those intros. I like ‘em!

  6. yep they both look great… big cheers for Sean there, good lad, you done good good thrice good

  7. Thanks for the kind words…coming soon in canada but you can get a sneak speak on a few vignettes on Teletoon’s official website (link above).

    If you’re ever looking for a rockin’ studio those cats at Mercury are pretty amazing. You should see what they did with Toot and Puddle…not my cup of tea but damn it’s pretty.

    I want to pat Mick’s head.

  8. Thanks for posting some of my animation! (kid vs kat intro)


  9. kid vs kat wasn’t
    so good as spongebob

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