Flapjack Homage Was Meant to Be

An 2317-year old animator, who goes by Kevin L., created this “fanimation” that blends two animated projects into one. The visuals are obviously from The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, but the song, It’s Like It Was Meant to Be, is sung by Strong Bad from Homestar Runner. Kevin had help from his friend Larsan artist on fansite flapjackfan.com. The clip is titled K’nuckles in Meant to Be.

The song can be found on the fourth disc of the Strong Bad Emails DVD.



    great stuff! I love Kapn’s head roll !!

  2. I’m actually 17, 23 is just what it says on my Youtube account. XD And the Flapjackfan.com credit is just for the screenshots I used, it wasn’t another artist. The only other artist that sort of worked on this was my friend Lars, who made a few set pieces in the very brief shot with Bubbie. He gave me those pieces for a different project, though.

    Thanks for watching! I hope you all enjoy it and I apologize for my terribly lazy backgrounds inside the Candy Barrel.

  3. Genuine chuckles. Great stuff young man.

  4. adorable yet funny yet creepy
    just like the show :)

  5. It’s amazing how awesome this is.

  6. The cycle of Flapjack kicking and licking his eyeball with his hand is brilliant.

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