Pixel Flash Animation For Spike Series

Ever wonder how people make all those animated 8-bit films? You know, the ones that look like Atari or NES games? Well, one method involves the Pixel Tools V2 plug-in for Flash, which lets you draw shapes with a pixel brush, or with pixel shapes. The tool was created by Patrick Mineault, who has since retired from the Flash developer game.

But his tool lives on – and it was recently employed by Mark Salisbury and his team at Worldwide Biggies on a title sequence. Below you can see the pixel animation for the new SpikeTV show Mocap LLC, which premieres in April.

[media id=143 width=425 height=339]

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  1. Sweet Job, I love Pixel Animation and have been using that Pixel tool for quiet some time, but the art work always disappears when using it and I had to abandon that tool ever so often.
    Must say its been well employed in that intro animation. Cheers

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