Spiegelman Book Promo On the Nose

American comic artist Art Spiegelman, the creator of the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel Maus, is releasing a new book, titled Be a Nose. The 192 hardcover book is a reproduction of Spiegelman’s sketchbooks from the years 1979, 1983 and 2007.

To help promote the book, McSweeney’s, the publishing house founded by Dave Eggers, turned to NYC artist Lars Edwards to create a trailer. Featuring the brooding music of The Black Keys, the Flash-animated trailer is an assembly of surreal scenes and landscapes bookended by a look into the back of what is presumably Spiegelman’s head.

The title of the book was derrived from the 1959 Roger Corman film Bucket of Blood. film The animation team consisted of Edwards, Aaron Hawkins, Hanna Bliss, Brian Ellis and Jason Shwartz.

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  1. Thats cool they made an animated short promoting the book. Really nice work.

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