Flynn and FableVision Animate Female Entrepreneurs

Boston-based FableVision was called up on to create several short animated segments for The Powder & The Glory, a 90-minute documentary that highlights the first highly successful women entrepreneurs. The program premiered this past Monday on PBS. Bob Flynn led the effort, and had support on the animation front from Dustin Wade. You can see several of the animated segments on Flynn’s blog, but here’s a clip from the show itself:

[media id=145 width=425 height=339]


  1. Thanks, Aaron! It’s premiering and replaying on PBS stations tonight (Wednesday) and throughout the week (I know its playing on New Hampshire television tonight), so if people are still curious check your local listings.

  2. I love how he combined a modern day Flash animation style with that vintage cartoon look from the days of Bettie Boop. Looks great!

  3. Great work!

  4. I loved it. I love the use of cartoons to enhance the telling of a story. And I agree with Rafael, the modern and vintage look go great together. So much fun. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

  5. Three big roaring cheers for Bob Flynn and the whole gang at FableVision! You added a wonderful dimension to documentary work. With great affection and respect from your friends, the producers of THE POWDER & THE GLORY.
    –Arnie Reisman & Ann Carol Grossman

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