Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends Closes Up Shop

offers a swan song for the departing crew from Craig McCracken’s Cartoon Network series Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. With 54 episodes behind them (many animated by Dublin-based Boulder Media), he wraps up the 5+ years he spent at the studio with a parting gift – a 6-page PDF tutorial of how to animate Bloo. I know I’m not alone in saying that Eric’s Emmy-award winning crew helped raise the bar of what Flash animators could do and will do in years to come. Happy trails, Foster’s team!


  1. Aaw man!
    I’m going to miss this show. :(

  2. It was a blast to work on and ended way too soon.

  3. This is a great parting gift. Thanks for sharing and thanks for posting.

  4. I followed the tute and as a relative noob to Flash I learned a few new things! Thanks.

    I agree that Forster’s home is so much better than most Flash series out there. There is a great sense of energy to the show. It’ll be missed, even though I only got to watch it every now and then.

  5. plexipixie March 15, 2009

    sadness… well, at least it went out with a rickroll bang! *kapow*

  6. Fosters gave me my break into professional animation, first two seasons were a steep learning curve! Great show, i’m sorry to see it go.

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