Freaky Robots Go For Hit Points in New Episode

Episode 6 of Oddbot Inc’s online series Freaky Robots has emerged. The series, which was created and directed by Christopher Hamilton, is set in a world where robots have taken control, and one man, Jeremy, has disguised himself as a robot to fit in. This episode, titled The Great Debate, tackles the topic of role playing games and their effectiveness in landing female companionship. Animation was handled by Zachary Aufdemberg, Daisy Church, Damon O’Keefe and Crystal Stromer.


  1. Very cool! Havent seen this before, but have definitely seen that font somewhere…. *cough cough* Ace & Aqua *cough* *cough* will def tune in for more!

  2. I was waiting for this release for quite a while. Now it will be robots ruling the roost. Come robots come!!!

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