Song of the Sea Trailer Reveals Underwater Adventure

Irish director Tomm Moore picked up a few awards the other night for his film The Secret of Kells. It was at the 11th Cartoon Movie event in Lyon, France where he snagged the Best European Director award, and Cartoon Saloon, the studio he and Paul Young founded in 1999, was dubbed Best European Producer. As we reported back in January, the film includes several Flash-animated sequences, adding to recent spate of features that have

While it must be exciting, it’s possible Moore’s mind is somewhere else. You see, his next feature film is already under way. The trailer for Song of the Sea, which is also being produced by Cartoon Saloon, was revealed yesterday by Alessandra Sorrentino, who explains on her blog that clean-up on these shots was performed in both Flash and TV Paint. Here’s the trailer:


  1. these lads just make delicious stuff… that’s it really… just pure unadulterated juice for the eyeballs

  2. Every time Cartoon Saloon comes up with something all I can ever say is “holy s***!”

  3. Excellent work there. I get chills looking over their artwork.

  4. wow! really beautiful.

  5. kongobot March 13, 2009

    What they said! Really inspired work.

  6. Holy f’n arf. That looks amazing!

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