Student Short is SuperGo!

Two of Alex Butera’s favorite things are Batman and Ninja Turtles. Well, last year he put out a real unique short called Baman Piderman that went on to become a huge-ass hit on YouTube. His MassArt student film, produced in 2008, goes more in the Ninja Turtles route. It’s titled SuperGo!, and it features a tribe of comedic but noble crime-fighters who often bite off more than they can chew. He used Flash as an ink and paint tool (but he only painted the intro), and the animation feels very full and lively. The film is a collaboration with his girlfriend, Lindsay Small.

Thanks to Ron Doucet for the story tip.


  1. HamiltronZ March 2, 2009

    One of the best shorts I’ve laid my eyeballs on in a long time! A+ for man eating a bear!

  2. Ha! Ha! That was awesome! Very funny stuff. Now I gotta go check out the other short.

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