Erin 3surance Boards Star Trek

Star Trek movie promotion mission, and in doing so they’ve redesigned pink-haired Erin Esurance. She’s been taken into the 3rd dimension… or 3D. She originally found popularity in her Flash-animated 2D form, and we can only wonder if she’s been beamed out of our universe forever. Go to the Star Trek website to vote for your favorite design.

Thanks to Rob Fendler for the story tip.


  1. I saw this somewhere else online and didn’t even know it was the Erin Esurance character. I can’t believe this was approved! The 2-D version is SO much more appealing.
    But what’s scarier is the fact that the 3-D version even has any votes at all! There are people out there that actually like that version better! Now THAT’S scary!

  2. Oh GOD…

    Man they had a KILLER ad campaign with this character and TOTALLY screwed it up FAST. Somebody at E-surance thinks they are making good marketing decisions. HAHAH!

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