High Kittie is Cartoon Catnip

Here’s something to wake you up on a Monday morning – High Kittie by Gary Doodles. This fecal-focused, 2-minute, Flash-animated episode, titled Poop Quiz, is Doodles’ very first webtoon. I can imagine some folks will poke at Kittie’s Spongebob-esque voicework (a strong performance by Jim Woods), but I try to focus on the other highly original stuff packed into this little short. Big props to Mr. Doodles for the production aesthetic, the wacky animation, tight timing – and the overall insanity of the short. I love how the teacher rides in on a dolphin, and Kittie points a gun at Boy near the end. It’s unhinged. Can’t wait for more! (NOTE: yes, we’re aware that it’s 4/20)


  1. I really like that one. There is a definite difference than just ‘hey I’m mad …woooooo’ and this well concieved and well executed madness

    Go go go Mr Doodles

  2. That was a super fun show. Love the animation and the entertainment value it had! Rock on Gray Doodles! Three Cheers


  3. mrmicaman April 20, 2009

    Loved the originality and the characters. It kept me interested as to what would happen next. You can never have enough POOP in a cartoon.

    Keep on keepin on…………Doodles

  4. Good Stuff mr. Doodles!

  5. Exlax-tremely fun! Dumb is the new black!!!!! Nice work Doods!!!

  6. Boy, looks like someone had too much caffine today.
    Great animation, kinda wacky plot, and just plain absurd-in a fun way.
    Wish more Flash cartoons were animated like this.

  7. I’m not one to celebrate the high times of the 4:20 holiday but this was remarkably animated;

    ps. Kudos to a successful diarrhea transition; cant say I’ve ever seen that before.

  8. Awesome work Doodles, I can’t believe you finally put it out. It’s been forever. Congrats dude.

  9. This is super awesome. Great stuff.

  10. Garrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

    WOW, man!

    The timing is spot-on perfect.
    I love how much work you put into this… bravo,

  11. Vivid Vic April 22, 2009

    I want more “High Kittie” !! Outstanding work Mr.Doodles.

  12. katsings May 11, 2009

    Love the diarrhea! Great feel.. A is for AWESOME CARTOON

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