Judges Flock to Shepherd’s Contest Entry

Here’s Matt Shepherd’s winning take from March’s 11 Second Club competition, which saw 117 entries:

And here’s Noor Mohammed’s version, which placed 9th:


  1. awesome job guys!

  2. Brilliant animated acting on that first one. I really believed the character.

    I didn’t care much for the second one, however.

  3. The first one is having usual acting choices but its executed nicely. Second one is very nice style and different acting choices. Both are good in there own way.
    I do care about both the one or else it would not be over here.

    I watched and voted for all of you folks! You guys are great…
    Congo personally to Matt and Noor.

    However just wanted to add that it does matter coming 9th overall as much it matters to be on the first place…overall everyone in 11seconds put in a hard work to post their show! so lets encourage everyone in the art community & and make a difference!

    cheers! All the best to guys who run coldhardflash too! keep up the good work folks!

    A big shout from India

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