Weebl Dials Up Directory Heaven for 118247

Jonti Picking, or Weebl as he’s known on the web, has produced a series of Flash-animated spots for the UK telephone directory service 118 24 7. The series of spots promote their new tagline Directory Heaven, and this one below is a reworking of the Weebl short Magical Trevor. It’s as catchy as the original – I’ve already got “So if you fancy a curry, and it’s there in a hurry” banging around in my head.

Watch them all over at YouTube, and check out our our interview with Jonti from 2008.


  1. great to see this on the telly.
    ‘a plumber or sparks or a place to see sharks’
    That lad is just a right funny bugger and no mistake

  2. Hahah really funny! I gave it a 5 star.
    The song is classic too, a bit of old school in it. Great post!

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