Arj and Poopy Walk Down Poetreet

The new Arj and Poopy episode has arrived! We’ve been sitting here by our computer ever since Congo Windfall (which took 7th in the Flash Animation 10) released, and our wait has finally ended. Episode 11, titled Poetreet, was written by comedian/actor Arj Barker (who plays Dave on Flight of the Conchords) and directed and animated by ex-Disney feature animator Bernard Derriman, who has been interviewed here not once (in 2005), but twice (again in 2008). Derriman, who has used Flash a great deal in the past, created this episode using Toon Boom. Lastly – Adam Phillips helped out with the lighting and Patton Oswalt (Ratatouille) provided the voice of the street poet.

Want more? Then pick-up a “What will they do next?” t-shirt over at the Arj and Poopy store.


  1. peter w May 19, 2009

    I like it, it´s very good, but I prefer the old ones. With flash his lines and the movements we´re much better. Have more feeling on it.

    And the filters that he used in this movie looks like buttons, don´t work all the time.

    I still like the movie, BUT that´s what I feel, somebody agree with me?

  2. I was wondering why the animation looked so good (even though every episode is great). I started the video without reading the text. Then I went back to see if I could read something to explain it, and it hit me…. Toon Boom. Yessir, THAT’s a great piece of software for animation!

  3. I like that concept… ‘don’t buy poetry off the street’. The animation was fine too… the cat being the best bit… yeah that was nice all round

  4. we are in awe of you mr derriman…

  5. Some of the tightest lip sync. Love BOUNCY.

  6. Oh God, I haven’t watched Arj and Poopy in forever!
    Nice to see a new episode. The humor is great (Bouncy cameo and Patton Oswalt FTW!) and the animation is excellent! God, I wish I had Toon Boom Animate..
    Keep it up Derriman!

  7. Woo hoo, love it!!!

  8. Heheheh, I totally didn’t catch the little snippet with Bouncy after the credits the first time i watched it. As the french would say, Arj and Poopy is “Le Awesome.”

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