Augenblick and McLeod Brothers Win Webbys

Christopher Ford’s 6-part Stickman Exodus, which was produced for, has taken the top prize in the Animation category at this year’s Webby Awards. This live-action/animation project roped in Augenblick Studios and animator Chris Burns to bring the game of hangman to life. Congrats, gang!

Also, the Brothers McLeod are part of the creative team behind the winner of the Youth category. Their Flash-animated shorts in the Films section of the Tate Kids website helped push this project into the winner’s circle. We posted this back in November of 2008, but here’s the trailer one more time:

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  1. I.M. BLunt May 8, 2009

    This was FLash? Looks hand drawn.

    Great nontheless. Really funny and well drawn.

    I’m checking out the Tate site now!


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