Foster’s Leaves Home

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends began in 2004 and has delivered over 75 episodes and received numerous awards. I know most of the crew has already left the building, but here’s to an exceptional run. You guys created something quite special.

For more on the topic, check out our interview with series creator Craig McCracken and animation director Eric Pringle.


  1. J C Roberts May 1, 2009

    What was that about next year, though? Was that a joke of some kind or is CN folding or ceasing original production?

    I would have thought that would make for bigger news if it were the case.

    If it was a joke, it doesn’t exactly make much sense…

  2. knowitall May 1, 2009

    CN is being run by management run by management run by management etc etc. People get fired every day there. There’s no focus. Hopefully they can turn the network around to what it used to be.

  3. Justin W May 1, 2009

    I sure am going to miss that show. It was a lot of fun.

  4. J C I think it is referring to there now being (or so I’ve read) live action shows on the CN. Remember when they used to show videos on MTV?

  5. :’- (

  6. Author

    exactly, stephen and dan. while i know that CN has no plans to discontinue animation on its slate, i just find it silly that they’ve got so much live action programming now. it’s like the cooking network programming sci-fi. speaking of scifi, the whole syfy rebranding of the Sci Fi network appears to be their approach to handling the same thing. i actually dealt with this issue myself, and i launched instead of forcing a bunch of non-flash content into this site.

  7. I’m going to miss Fosters.
    Most of all I’m angry that CN is airing more live action. I mean, seriously, what’s the point? It won’t last no more than a year..

  8. Thanks for all the support Aaron – we had a ton of fun working on that show.

  9. I remember being out of town when Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends first aired and I couldn’t see the whole thing then. Later, it re-aired and I saw the entire hour and half movie. I’ll miss that cartoon. If only I had cable or Direct TV to watch the finale episodes. Hopefully we will have cast and crew bios and a lot of conceptual art in a collector’s DVD box with all 76 episodes. I met two of the voice actors at Comicon in ’06. I think the woman who voices Frankie and Madam someone or another (one of the imaginary friends who stays locked up in her room much of the time). And, the man who voices Bloo. Yeah? Who knew? I sure didn’t. I always thought Bloo was voiced by a woman. Anyhoo, I hope the execs at CN get it right and sell a really cool DVD collection similar to what I mentioned previously.

  10. So sad that it’s over, but what a great body of work! Congratulations to the unbelievable animation crew for doing some amazing work!

  11. theflashtank May 3, 2009

    Is Fosters exit similar to the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy over at Cartoon Network? I remember reading something somewhere about Cartoon Network allowing only a certain amount of episodes.

  12. I cannot believe cartoon network is playing live action… The executives trying to run the show should be fired or put in change of things they can handle and artists should be appointed in their places and be given the power of choice.

    It seems like all the executives at cartoon network do is take gambles on random show ideas instead of trying to create a studio and training up a group of artists to start producing good cartoons eventually. Executives just seem to want everything instantaneously.

    I could be wrong but there is definitely a reason for the death of cartoon network and the birth of this horrible thing everyone refers to as CN.

    I really hope somone gets them back on track and brings on another era of awsome cartoons.

  13. Goodbye Bloo… you will be missed. =(

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