MonstroCity High Team Doing Their Homework

Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton (Neptoon Studios) are on a roll. The series they’re directing, Total Drama Island, has been kicking ratings butt, and they recently got the greenlight on their series Sidekick. Their latest move is a test animation for their project MonstroCity High. If you’ve followed the Neptoon Studios blog, you may have spotted the toy they created for the project, which you can buy on their site. Also check out this interview on YouTube where they discuss their plans for MonstroCity High.

Maybe if we beg, they’ll let us see what’s inside this private blog –


  1. See, this is why I hate Todd Kaufman’s Flash animated cartoons: the animation is stiff and lifeless, and the episodes themselves have no originality.
    Kaufman should really take some animation lessons and maybe some writing lesson while he’s at it.

  2. Esperanza May 12, 2009

    Agree. I think they raid Genndy and McCracken’s recycle bins to get their designs, too

  3. Eh, I agree. I can’t stand watching any of those cartoons. Really irritating humour. Lets go back to talking about Kid vs Kat. I love that show.

  4. I.M. BLunt May 13, 2009

    Congrats on the ratings you guys!(sincerely)

    Though it’s strange to hear you admit that it literally is a “continuation” of Clone High USA.

    The style of this show(*and monstrocity) are really all the same. Why break a good thing i guess right? Good luck!

  5. Todd Kauffman May 14, 2009

    yeah – i hate todd too. where does a guy who doesn’t animate or write professionally get off trying to do something with his career instead of just working on the drivel handed to him? what really gets me is he doesn’t seem to get that genndy and mccracken are the only ones allowed to branch off the upa style. what a jerk!

    why can’t we all just make kid vs kat forever?

  6. Todd has a point. Lets burn him at the stake.

  7. Aside from Todd ripping Todd, you guys don’t have a clue about what’s cool and what not.
    I just have one thing to say…
    As Oliver Twist says: Please Sir, I want some more!
    Give us more MonstroCity High, fast!

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