One More Time Worth One More Watch

Nelson Boles, a student at CalArts (who also studied at the Animation Academy), has released his latest film, titled This one time…

The Flash-animated film is not only technically spectacular, it’s also wildly imaginative. The characters seem to leap off the screen, and his selection of colors and subtle suggestions of depth all work together in such great harmony. A rock star animator in the making here, folks.

Big thanks to Edward Leahey for the story tip.


  1. that’s pretty awesometastic! kinda FLCL at times, but still very awesome. I like the soft colour palette.


  3. Wow. Stunning piece. Beautiful designs, composition and overall so friggin´creative. Can´t wait to see some more. Good find, Aaron.

  4. Sigh. Breathtaking.

  5. bravoo!!!

  6. edward May 11, 2009

    thanks for the credit aaron! :)

  7. Awesome! Love the palette, the story, and the animation. Stellar work for sure!

  8. =) fantastic, that was great, great animation and nice style =) good job

  9. Great animation! Never seen anything like these!

  10. Absolutely lovely. Thanks for posting this. I adore the style and it is put together flawlessly.

  11. that was really great!

  12. I.M. BLunt May 12, 2009

    Is it just me who can’t view this video? I can’t see it in Vimeo either.


  13. Wow, that was really nice!

  14. wow… that was great… and it makes up for all that crap you usually post


  16. Author

    Mick – it’s not “crap,” it’s fertilizer, which helps CHF grow.

  17. I was only joking…well… anyway

    all the best

  18. Author

    i figured as much. i think my answer to your post here is “too thin.”

  19. Let that blasted Island Monkey have it Aaron!

  20. thats the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while
    holy crap awesome

  21. wow! amazing. the sound is fantastic too.

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