Trussell Animation Blends Fruit With Flash

You may have already seen this over at, and if so, it’s worth another look. Joel Trussell (War Photographer), directed a music video for Kid606 (Miguel Trost Depedro), a techno artist out of San Francisco. The track is Mr. Wobble’s Nightmare, and Trussell employed a unique production method here – using live-action footage of real fruit and constructed sets, which were married together with Flash animation faces. Trussell had help from Anna & Mike Hollingsworth on the animation front.


  1. kongobot May 15, 2009

    That’s so fake. You can see the strings!

    Brilliant work by all involved.

  2. Creepy and funny! Love the hybrid of mediums. Well done for sure!

  3. Hilarious! Nice one folks!

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