Ferguson’s Flash Fish Finger Friends

David Ferguson’s latest Flash-animated adventure introduces us to The Funny Fish Finger Friends. I love the live-action hand shot.


  1. charles June 19, 2009

    is it flash? i thought this time it was puppets made to look like flash.

  2. that doesn’t look like flash. Not his best but I am always glad to see more from this guy

  3. It’s actually mostly After Effects made to look like puppets – cheers for the post!

  4. I love this. Very original and super funny. I just about lost it when that live action hand entered frame. Keep making these, there’s enough weirdos like me out there who would find this stuff entertaining.

  5. LOVE IT!!!

  6. I thought it was after effects.

    That running cycle couldn’t be done in Flash could it? And you cant play live-action clips in flash can yew??

    *Everything’s funnier with an english accent ;)

    Great job David. Unique, funny and simple/beautiful design. Big fan of your work.

  7. oh dear flyer…. he’s scottish… school boy error there. forgive them David, for they know not what they do

  8. Makes me cry every time. I love you.

  9. THanks Mick for the need to correct me. Can you be my friend?

    BTW, I’ll keep on a lookout for whenever you make a mistake and wish on someone to pounce on you for being human.

    Cheers!(*with a scotish accent of course)

  10. ANd to David, i did not mean ill by my language comment(*english/scotish thing exempted) Forgive me if it sounded as that.

    I’ll also make sure to run anything i post on here thru your best of friend “Mick” there. Sounds like you two are tight.

    Best of luck in getting your films to a bigger producer. I’m pretty sure they’d be a hit. I’m a huge fan.

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