Flash Powering iPhone Pocket Gods

I don’t have an iPhone, and I’m actually considering the Palm Pre to replace my dying Blackberry – but even those of us without the ubiquitous gadget know how big this damn App Store has become. Noone is more aware of this than Allan Dye, whose work you’ve seen here a number of times. He lent his design and animation skills to a new game from Bolt Creative called Pocket God, and the thing just took off. It’s held the #1 “paid apps” spot on iTunes, and it currently hovers around the 4th spot. It’s obviously not a Flash app, as Apple is loath to include Flash on their device, but all the animation was created with Adobe’s software. Dye exports his animation as PNG files and then edits an XML doc that calls up these PNGs. Pocket God programmer Dave Castelnuovo has developed a system that automagically creates XML data to control the PNG files. Allan and Dave co-wrote this sequence of fan-suggestion vignettes, which Allan animated.

iPhone app mania has apparently claimed a number of Flash animators. Jeremiah Johnson launched Ninja Buddy and my pal Sean McKenzie is part of the team behind the newly launched Wedgie Toss 2 (launches iTunes store).

Are you working on an iPhone game?


  1. Wow! The Pocket God is my favorite iPhone application! I was warmly surprised to see it here =))) Thanx! Nice film!

  2. I’m trying to work on a iPhone game, but I don’t know what I’m doing! :D

  3. Very sweet. I am not, but I’d love to create the art and animation for one.

  4. brad risch June 10, 2009

    I made an app wont be released till July 1

  5. Why yes…Ghostbot provided the art for “Topple” and “Topple 2″ (ngmoco). Check it!


  6. at my internship we are working on: http://heronsteammachine.com/

  7. WOW! I’m really inspired and amazed by his success with the game. Good for him. Thanks Aaron for the lunch break treat. Its another reason to get an itouch/iphone.

  8. Someone gave a 7 year old an iphone (and not me)?! Children that age shouldn’t have cellphones period.

  9. Seez, Actually, the thing some people aren’t aware of about the iTunes Store is that its not just iPhones but also iPod Touches that can run apps. And apparently lots of kids have ipod touches! We became aware of this when tons of kids started doing videos and reviews of Pocket God on YouTube. Kids with iPods are the most vocal customers. I gave my 6 year old nephew an iPod Touch and an iTunes Card and he LOVES it and conserves his iTunes credits. Kids love the ability to go and buy things for themselves online and apple provides a really easy way to do it.

    Oh, and although the cartoon is based on a real email. we had no idea how old the girl was…plus I added the bit about a nuclear explosion.

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