Louis’ Animation is For the Dogs

Louis de La Taille just passed me an interesting little piece of animation. It’s without audio, but it’s very well done. Louis explained that he produced this to “get used to four legged characters.”


  1. I like how the movements were nice and fluid it could take some more work though, there were parts that seemed a bit stiff. probably adding some more arcs in the movement.

  2. Looks great to me!

  3. The Ivanator June 26, 2009

    Oh my. I didn’t realize that you can do that classical type of animation in Flash. VERY NICE!

  4. I love hearing you talking about stiffness in animation and arcs of movement, erniedoc, you surely know a lot about that !

  5. Is this animation done using Flash?…if so, it’s very very nice. Proves my point that, yes, with more money and time, one could add more stretch and squash, more action/reaction, play with arcs, etc but there is no reason why an animated feature could not be done in Flash. Looking at Canada’s “Bob and Doug” series, the excuse that the animation slides so much is due to using Flash. DonkeyBalls! The reason it slides is because the majority of artists being used have little experienced traditional skills. Thank you Mr. de La Taille, you’ve proven that it’s not the tool, it’s the artists. Brilliant work!…Lee

  6. great piece of animation, these dogs are hilarious!
    and as far as Bob and Doug goes, at least in my experience, its got less to do with the animators experience and more to do with small budgets and heavy quotas.

  7. Looks beautiful. If this was made in flash, then quodos.

    Classical animation done in Flash sure does take longer, that’s why you dont’ see this done in TV. Execs sometimes dont believe in quality apparently.

    Congrats Louis. Great portfolio piece.

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