Machinarium Months Away

Jack Allin at has gotten his hands on Machinarium, the latest casual Flash game from Czech-based Amanita Design. The game is due out this Fall, but you can watch some gameplay footage below:


  1. Drew Newman June 29, 2009

    Good lord. I am absolutely in love with those layouts. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Looks really unique gameplay wise too. Thanks for the share!

  2. Goes to show you it’s not only the tool, it’s the artist (and an assertive & creative project lead).

  3. Mike T June 30, 2009

    Very nice to look at. Do you know what other programs they used? Photoshop, after effect? I love to know more of their process. Again, nice work.

  4. Yeah ~ This kind of style is right stuffs i like most. Mechanic world…..Thank you for posting.

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