Poirer Presents Animated Pompons

Philippe Poirier utilized Toon Boom Digital Pro (which is now Animate Pro) to pull together this senior year film during his studies at Cégep du Vieux Montréal. Pompons et crepage de chignon centers on two women who attend a high society tea party dressed in the same outfit.

Here’s his animatic:


  1. Haha.. only could have been done by a “male” animator.

    What is it with male animation and comic geeks that love drawing and making sexy(*predictable) films?

    With all due respect of course.

  2. Chris J. June 11, 2009

    Kudos for what was undoubtedly some hard work, but, sorry, this film is paper thin.

    This was a senior film? Supposedly the pinnacle of what you’ve learned about character, animation, storytelling and design? Sigh. I encourage the creator to shoot a little higher next time.

  3. Drew Newman June 12, 2009

    God I cannot wait to release my film to the internet. Ive spent a year animating a female lead character that’s pretty much the opposite of every stereotypical animated character. Shes pretty butch, and whenever I draw her, its never a pose for the audience.

    But i digress. I’m still not sold on Toonboom. Still feeling like just a pinch of savvy after effects skills plus flash runs the gamut and can do wild things.

  4. Great, i enjoed that =) very well done =) looks like paper animation scaned into flash? It was short and sweet i thought, very designy, really liked the background designs, but the animation could use a little more attention to timing and spacing, and some lip sync in some places, but i enjoyed it =) well done.

  5. Actually, I doubt the story was meant to be omgdeepprofoundandmoving. It more of a silly thing meant for a giggle.

    I am in no way an animator, but for 3 months worth of work, I think he has delivered something visually pleasing.I also don’t see the extreme ‘sexiness’ of this as much as others. I suppose, yes, the idea of girls ripping each others clothes is a little cliche but the short certainly didn’t feature any long, very long shots of boobs bouncing around.

  6. Lots of vitriol for a fun little piece of animation… geeze. Sure the character designs were a little bland and some of the animation was pretty “student-filmy”, but come on! That was great! I don’t really see the overt sexuality that some other people are reading into either.

    It would have been really funny if there were other patrons at the tea party, all proper and primped spectating in awe. Hahah. Great job!

  7. Edouart Beaumont June 15, 2009

    it seems you had to invent a script to show your animations capacities so first the script is so bad the art is so old fashionned and the character animation is soooo weak

  8. matthew r. June 17, 2009

    I think some people here are too quick to judge a student film achieved by a rookie animator. Perhaps these people know nothing about animation.
    Anyway, your work is remarkable and congratulations on the gorgeous backgrounds and color ambiance. Continue on this route you’re going places with this.

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