Space Knights Title Sequence Go!

Andy Coyle recently posted the updated Space Knights title sequence on his blog. The project, which was initiated at Fatkat, was selected to be part of The Detour on TELETOON Pilot Project, as we announced here almost exactly a year ago. The team produced 2 episodes that comprised the pilot, and Coyle and his friends Jon, Tavis and Pat worked on this intro.

[We've removed this video for now - we'll update you when it's available again]


  1. Ahahaha! Great intro! I’m sure it will be a fun show :D

  2. wow, this looks hella improved over what was done. good job guys. much much better designs. although the mouth thing still perplexes me. (i get i just dont like it)

  3. Funny stuff!!

  4. Clever. That poor Green Knight… you know he never gets his fare share of action.

  5. Fonce Falooda June 15, 2009

    I saw this on the Fatkat blog and I didn’t know it was a comedy! Looked like just a bland copy-cat rip off!

    Now I’m completely onboard! Good stuff! Thank GOD you’re kidding! ;)

  6. Oh I knew I’d like this when I saw those smoke trails off those bikes. Such cool stylized smoke. Beautiful.

  7. Really nice! I will keep an eye on this one.

  8. =) yaaay glad to see that there won’t be a vacant hole where fatcat once stood =) hoop it all goes well +D goodluck

  9. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the comments on the show folks, Andy and the boys did a good job. But it shouldn’t have been posted by Andy or CHF. Aaron, please take it down asap, before Teletoon nails asses to the wall.



  10. Power Rangers ripoff?
    At least the animation looks nice.

  11. Matt? Shut up! everything is a rip off of something..hell, Power Rangers is still a rip off of itself. Which kind of adds to the Cleverness of this spoof(the word I believe you were looking for instead of rip off)

    But seriously, Beautiful into. Great Job to everyone involved.

  12. *Intro not into. sorry.

  13. Sorry folks, when we’re allowed to post it, we will!


  14. lol eeep, hope you guys arnt in thick trouble, call it a quik survey =D and the feedback was very good haha =D
    good luck gene

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