Animated Bob & Doug Episodes Online

Animax Entertainment’s Flash-animated series Bob & Doug, is reportedly scoring high ratings up in Canada, landing in the Top 10 shows on the network. The team at Animax probably isn’t watching though – they’re too busy on their next series Popzilla, a Flash-animated comedy for MTV that’s currently in production at their Van Nuys studio. Canadians can watch full episodes of Bob & Doug at, and the rest of us can see some on YouTube. Here’s the first third of episode 6, Bob Falls in Love. Go here to see the full episode playlist.

**** UPDATE ****

Turns out those were pirated. I’m usually not fooled, but alas it happened. I’ll let you know when these are viewable for reals!


  1. Wow.. that looks an awful lot like Chilly Beach.

    There must be some new ways to tackle “design” using Flash isn’t there?

  2. J C Roberts July 16, 2009

    Unfortunately, it seems that wasn’t worth posting, since they yanked the videos availibility, even on the youtube link.

    If my clip had been selected I would have made it avaiable…

  3. Author

    hmm – i thought that was official stuff on youtube. guess not. i’ll post again when they’re available.

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