Flash Animation Powering iPhone Games

Flash-animated iPhone games are popping up like mushrooms. This one, by Joe Cartoon appears to have been created while taking mushrooms. It’s called Blend the Boss:

… and one from the Happy Tree Friends team, called Slap Happy:

Speaking of games, here’s some Flash-animated gameplay footage from a Virtual Puppy that UK-animator Paul Nicholson created for Cartoon Network’s Boomerang website. Nice stuff!


  1. Both of those games look aweseome.
    If I had an iPhone, I’d totally get one.

  2. Both of those games look aweseome.
    If I had an iPhone, I’d totally get them.

  3. froguts July 17, 2009

    ok, so HOW is Flash working on the iphone? Does the app SDK allow flash all of a sudden? I thought Apple was adamantly against flash adoption? Perhaps these are just movies(originally made in flash) that are pieced together in Unity or some other design app. I guess that’s “flash Animation” derived, BUT certainly not “powering iphone games.”

  4. Author

    i think most people export PNG sequences. check out this other CHF story where i again use the word “powering” in the title. i must like that word…


  5. Love the virtual puppy!

  6. Whats the definitive answer? Is the iphone now able to display flash or not? (not just games but web sites) or is froguts correct, saying that Apple still refuses to allow flash to work on their phone? They claim it uses too much battery life but it probably has more to do with blocking Skype or other IM apps – ie: texting and voip alternatives to expensive data plans.

    Flash sites are viewable with the Palm Pre right?

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